Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's Staying in Vegas So Don't Even Ask

A strict code of silence set by the City of Las Vegas keeps me from elaborating on the events of the last few days. Let's just say, the vortex giveth, and the vortex taketh away.

This one is an inside joke...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Orcas Island

It was clear skies yesterday when Cheryl and I drove to Anacortes and caught the ferry to Orcas, but the fog rolled in overnight and today the island was shrouded in a haze that only made this lovely place seem even more magical.

We started our day at the Doe Bay Cafe for a leisurely brunch, then drove to the top of Mt. Constitution where we were above the clouds and the views of Mt. Baker were spectacular. From the top we took a trail through the woods and, well, technically, we got a little lost, but after conferring with some mountain bikers we met on the trail, who were also technically a little lost, Cheryl and I decided to backtrack instead of forging on, and five miles later we were back at my car. We drove into Eastsound to get snacks from the grocery store and ran into the bikers; we all congratulated each other on making it off the mountain (we were all using that term loosely; Mt. Constitution is 2,399 ft. and there's a parking lot at the top. There was very little danger of any of us ending up in a Donner Party-style situation.)

Got back to the resort for massages at 6, and now we're back in our room watching the last Harry Potter movie on TV and feeling quite content.

View from our room

cinnamon French toast stuffed with goat cheese, berries, pecans, and maple syrup.
at Doe Bay

Mt. Baker