Friday, October 4, 2013

Uniqlo - the Japanese Gap Store

I don't remember how I discovered Uniqlo. I don't think it was by just walking by the Broadway location, I must have read something. That was several years ago and now I always stop in to do a little shopping. It's hit and miss for me - I've tried the down jackets on a million times and they never fit right, which is too bad because they're ultra-light, come in a million colors, and are $70. Last year I tried on eight different sizes/styles of pants, none of them fit. I've always had great luck with the basics though: camis, long-sleeved Ts in tons of colors and necklines (made with "HEATTECH," which I suspect is some kind of plutonium-based textile because those shirts are thin and sleek but ridiculously warm), and other delicates I've purchased are of high quality and low price. This time when I walked in the store, I was greeted by a long line of manikins wearing corduroy leggings which I thought looked terrible, but I tried some on anyway and bought three pair. Plus some socks, more delicates, and an orange sweater.
Need a fleece jacket? This is maybe half the color selection, and they're $20

Manhattan isn't Copenhagen, and riding a "City Bike" through the streets seems like a suicide mission to me, but they're there if you want to rent one, and plenty of people do.