Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Or is THIS the Best Hike Ever?!

I didn't think I'd find a better hike than the one Cheryl and I did in July at Hurricane Ridge, until Cheryl, Wendy, and I walked the Naches Peak Loop Trail near Mt. Rainier on Saturday. There's no point in debating, they were both gorgeous, and in the immortal words of David Letterman, "it's an exhibition, not a competition..."  He was talking about Stupid Pet Tricks, but whatever, it works here too, if you consider all the wilderness to be an exhibition. It was a beautiful day, the trail wasn't crowded, the views were spectacular, and although it was warm, the leaves were showing a faint touch of autumn.

click photo for full view
view from our spot for a picnic lunch
Cheryl and Wendy

Rimrock Lake...
... our adorable lake-side cabin for the night