Saturday, November 28, 2015

From Turkey to Tropics

Thanksgiving feast
I find that most days it's pretty easy to be thankful, after all, I live a fairly charmed life, but some days the idea of gratitude is so... obvious. On Thursday/Thanksgiving, I was riding the ferry on a gorgeous but cold day in Seattle, admiring the mountain peaks, on my way to a feast with a room full of friends; Friday night I was on a plane, and by Saturday morning, I was here:

Grand Lucayan, Freeport, Bahamas
It was a crisp 34 degrees when I left Seattle, Freeport is holding steady at 79. The lovely staff at this resort let me check in even though I arrived in the morning, and I immediately unpacked, stripped off jeans and fleece, put on a dress and hat, and walked across the street to the Lucaya Marketplace, as it had struck me at 30,000 feet that I hadn't packed my sunglasses.

Deirdre with me and my new shades
People here are so nice. A man in front of the first group of vendor stalls asked me what I was shopping for, and when I told him, he led me straight to a souvenir stand that had some cheap, plastic, $15-glasses. Not what I was looking for, so I asked the lady running the stall where I might find some, ahem, "good sunglasses," she took no offence and told me to walk down to the end of the market to Shades, "ask for Deirdre, and tell her 'big momma' sent you over."  I did what I was told and after much searching and trying on, Deirdre hooked me up with some totally rad RayBans.

After that, there was nothing to do but walk on the beach (the sand felt like powder), check out the fitness room (for tomorrow; it's huge, lots of machines and weights) and spa (our room comes with a $250 resort credit), take a spin through the pool area (not too crowded, plenty of lounge chairs), and think about whether I might have fried conch for dinner - it seems to be the local favorite. Right now I need a snack and possibly a nap (overnight flight - no sleep) and have no other plans except to rest up and relax; tomorrow my pal Jen arrives from Lexington, KY, and our mutual agenda of sun, beach, books, and very little else, begins.
view from our room