Friday, December 4, 2015

Scent of an Island

the Perfume Factory
Yesterday we got up and headed to the spa at the resort. Two hours later, after I had been scrubbed, wrapped, soaked, and moisturized, and Jen had been thoroughly massaged, we headed to the bus stop near the hotel and rode to the Perfume Factory. The Perfume Factory is... a perfume factory. It was started in 1969 by a New Yorker and is now a popular tourist destination. There must not have been any cruise ships docked that day because we were the only two people shopping and sniffing for most of the hour we spent there. We got a little tour of the facility which was mostly a retail space but which also had a small 'lab' where the perfumes are mixed and packaged. You could also mix your own fragrance using essential oils, but Jen and I sniffed every single one of the pre-made perfumes and found plenty of lovely scents in that selection to bring home.
the 'mix your own' lab
After that, we caught a bus back to the hotel, went back to the beach, opened our books, and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing outside.

For dinner, we walked down the beach back to Billy Joe's for burgers and chicken wings and the view; got back to our room early and watched a movie, and called it a [perfect] day.
super-tasty, marinated and fried chicken wings