Monday, April 25, 2016

610 Magnolia

Last year, I heard chef Edward Lee on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, he was funny and entertaining, and since I was going to Kentucky anyway to visit my pal Jen, making a stop at his restaurant in Louisville seemed in order. So I flew to Louisville last Friday, Jen came over from Lexington to pick me up, and we had a fantastic dinner at 610 Magnolia.
If you're only getting a tiny bite of grilled ham and cheese, this is the bite to get.

Quite possibly the prettiest (and tastiest) bowl of pea soup ever.
Jen's fantastic pork belly and eel terrine.
Charred octopus, yogurt, carrot and those tiny potato chips -
the picture does not do justice to how delicious this was. 
Halibut, cauliflower couscous, baby carrots, romesco, and some other tasty delights.
Jen had a lovely cheese plate for dessert, I got the overly complicated "drunken banana cake with whipped butterscotch, dehydrated chocolate, bourbon maple syrup, dried corn, brown butter ice cream and smoke." Re: the smoke (a peaty cloud which wafted up when I removed the lid on my dish), I'm not sure I'm on board with the 'smell this/now eat this' convention of dining, and there might have been four too many ingredients in that dish, but overall, it was a wonderful meal. We also had the fancy-restaurant-staple of a sorbet palate cleanser (mango-kiwi), and chocolate truffles with the check (bourbon in the truffles, it's Kentucky, after all).
610 Magnolia - who would think such lovely food would come out of this simple building?