Friday, February 3, 2017

Ben Lomond Hike - Queenstown

This was one of the best hikes of the trip. We took the gondola up above Queenstown and then walked through a pine forest (pine forests are in the process of being eradicated in NZ as they are not native, along with possums and stoats), then through some scrub-brush, over some rocks, and along a knife-edged path, up and over the hill, and back down to the gondola. It was a beautiful day and even though there was a short-cut back that didn't involve a sheer drop off over one side, all of us opted for the longer, difficult route, although in all honesty, Bas didn't really offer the shortcut while we were on the trail (he mentioned it before we started), and I think no one (including me) wanted to wuss out and ask.
View of Lake Wakatipu