Sunday, February 13, 2011

a Day of Doing Next to Nothing

Our time-share presentation was painless. We met our tour-guide-saleman, an affable guy from Brazil (with frosted hair) who had worked first in hotels in Cancun before moving to Cabo with his wife, a Canadian professional beach volleyball player. He took us to a very nice breakfast buffet which looked out over the Sea of Cortez (as the whole property does); we could see a whale in the distance, spouting and flipping its tail up. If we had to listen to a sales pitch for something we had no interest in buying, that was the place to do it. He asked us our travel habits and we were honest with him, telling him that staying at a big beach resort doesn't hold any special appeal for either of us, and that being tied to a vacation plan - regardless of the number of properties we could choose from around the world, just wasn't the way we want to travel. He asked us why we had signed up for the tour and we told him we did it for all the perks we had been offered; can't be the first time he'd heard that. He gave us his spiel anyway and showed us a couple of the condos, he ran down the cost (exhorbitant), we politely declined, and were on our way. We got all the cash promised to us back, we got a voucher for our taxi ride back to the airport, and we got the cash value of two hour-long massages credited to our room. We went directly to the fitness center/spa, worked out for an hour, made our spa appointment for the next day (we already had booked hour-long massages for today which were part of our package deal) and then we went to the pool. We found two empty loungers right nex to the infinity pool, went for a swim, and sat on the loungers for the next several hours. Our spa appointments were for 5:30pm which was the only reason we got off those chairs (we ate lunch pool-side).

The spa is beautiful. The treatments rooms, like all the hotel rooms, overlook the sea, and I had one of the best massages ever. Tomorrow, we do it all again, minus the sales-pitch.

If you have to work out, this is the gym to do it in.

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