Saturday, February 12, 2011

"We Absolutely WILL NOT Listen to a Time-Share Presentation, No Matter What They Offer Us!!"

So we're going to a time-share sales presentation tomorrow morning at 8:30. Having visited resort towns in Mexico before, Cheryl and I agreed that this trip is too short to waste valuable pool time listenting to sales pitches we had no interest in. But we forgot how incredibly persuasive the airport touts could be. We were planning on taking a taxi from the airport to the resort but in order to get to the taxis, you have to pass through the gauntlet of pitch-men, and they are good at their jobs. A taxi would have cost us $80 for the 30 minute ride to the resort (which we were willing to pay [or we could have done a van-share for a lot cheaper, but it would have taken three times as long to get to our destination]) but the taxi-tout offered us a free taxi ride, breakfast at the hotel he wanted us to tour which was supposedly right next to the hotel we were heading to, a one-hour massage for each of us at the spa, and enough cash for us to take a taxi back to the airport at the end of our stay. He wore us down. We gave him $160 in cash for the RT taxi fare, all of which he was going to give us back the next day when we showed up for the tour, and vouchers for all the stuff he'd promised us, and having done this kind of thing before, we knew he was good for it. So we took our speedy taxi to the resort, checked in and then had a chat with our concierge-person, who proceeded to offer us a variety of extras and perks... if we listened to her time-share pitch. We told her we were covered and had already promised the taxi-guy, who had a bunch of our cash as incentive for us to show up, that we would go to the hotel he worked for (we had also promised him we wouldn't discuss the deal he gave us with our hotel staff, whom he knew would try and offer us their own deal); she proceeded to offer us everything taxi-guy had promised us (and we wouldn't have to leave the property), and she said she'd refund all the cash we had given him - DEAL.

So with all that behind us, we finally made it to our room, then directly out to the beach. The afternoon conisisted of reading on the beach, walking around the grounds, making all our spa appointments, dinner, and now TV/computer/books/magazines/bed. We don't need much to be happy.

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