Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Utah, days 3 and 4

the fabulous slopes at Canyons Resort
On Friday we skied Canyons in Park City. It's a HUGE fancy resort and I had my best day ever on my snowboard (with the brief exception of another tow-rope incident; those things continue to be my nemesis). Jenine and I did our usual routine - enjoying a cup of coffee and morning snack while the others raced off to be first in line for some lift or the other. Whatevs. We chilled for a little while and examined the map, eventually finding our way to the Orange Bubble Express lift before switching to the Sun Peaks chair. We blue squared it up all day and then met all the boys in the beer hut (coincidence: it was yurt-shaped) for a few drinks before heading toward downtown (such as it is) Park City to see if we could catch a glimpse of any celebs at the Sundance Film Festival which happened to be going on at the time. No luck on the celebs and by the time we made it down the main street with no hope of parking/walking, we decided to turn around and head home. We stopped at a brew pub on the way back to the house, had a nice dinner, and headed back to the house.

Jenine, Huey, Josh, Scott

Jeremy, Jason, Adam, Chris
I had a terrible time sleeping that night - skipped taking the Ambien (mistake) and could not handle a day on the slopes on no sleep. So the others left in the morning and I went back to bed. I eventually got up around 11 and turned the TV on. I spent the day on the couch watching "Team America" and "Walk Hard." They were both ridiculous and a great way to pass the day. It started dumping snow by early afternoon and the others had a hell of a time getting back through the snowstorm - Chris and Jason reported taking one hour to travel 10 miles, but they all eventually made it. Apparently feeling lucky to be alive, Chris celebrated by pouring himself a tumbler of tequila and having a grand old time in the hot tub; Jason eventually got in for a soak as well while I kept my distance but freshened their drinks when they asked nicely. The others came home a few minutes later (they had been in two groups at two different resorts; the skiers went to Deer Valley which doesn't allow snowboarders, Chris and Jason had gone to Solitude). Scott and Huey piled in the tub while the rest of us decided to go for pizza. It was a rather loud and jolly group at the pizza place (the well-soaked boys arrived shortly after we did) and we left a hefty/deserved tip at the end of the night. No one remained in the restaurant by then and as nice as the staff had been, they looked pretty delighted to see us leave.