Thursday, September 20, 2012

Central Park

Sheep Meadow
It turns out that Molly's new favorite cocktail is an Aperol Spritz which involves mixing aperol, a bitter orange flavored liqueur, with Proseco. It's delightfully refreshing and I now have a bottle of liquid the color of blood orange Crush (if there were such a thing) in my fridge. We had a very nice time together, walking around, eating good food, going into the Diane von Furstenberg boutique (where no one paid the slightest bit of attention to us), and catching each other up on... you know.

On Sunday, Molly went to visit someone else in the city while I took a tour of Central Park. Built in the mid-1800s; designed by Olmstead and Vaux; 843 acres; all "natural" elements brought in (with the exception of the outcropps of schist bedrock); Olmstead influenced by the English gardens he saw during his Grand Tour; Bethesda Fountain is the only commissioned statue in the park, created by Emma Stebbins, and was the first major public art commission to be held by a woman [who was also a very "out" lesbian] - these and other interesting facts were presented by the two guides from the Central Park Conservancy during the two hour walking tour. After the tour, I spent a couple more hours in the park walking around, reading, and watching the people go by.

the Dakota
the San Remo - in case you want to drop in on Spielberg

Belvedere Castle

Bethesda Terrace