Thursday, September 13, 2012

Morningside Heights

Pisticci in Morningside Heights...
Last night I left the hustle of Midtown and went up to Morningside Heights (125th Street and Broadway) to meet a friend for dinner. I've always been struck by the idea that Morningside Heights must be such a quintesential New York neighborhood - a place where real New Yorkers live, while Midtown seems like Disneyland on crack. The little Italian restaurant where I met my friend was great - charming and warm and full of life and real New Yorkers. I've been to some really nice places here in Midtown but the vibe seems very much, "these people don't live here." Not that Midtown isn't interesting in its own way, it just doesn't seem real... it's sort of like being at the theme park but instead of rides, it's all hustle and commerce.
...vs. Times Square