Friday, January 25, 2013


three shades of blue: sky - sea - pool
I realize I'm going on about this far more than the suject warrants, but I really don't care for corn tortillas (unless they're fried). They get soggy and fall apart, and they're just too... corn-y. So my triumph last night when I pulled a packet of flour tortillas out of my bag just as the taco-cart guy was going to run off to buy tortillas, corn, no doubt, to make my dinner, turned out to be more than a fluke when today at the pool I ordered fajitas (with flour tortillas) and the nice seƱorita told me the kitchen was out of flour tortillas. No problem, I told her, I have some in my room.

I went back to the same taco-cart guy for dinner later, he remembered me and had stocked up.