Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last Day - Copenhagen

Today I did what I do best: I wandered around. I walked down the pedestrian shopping street, I bought some stuff, I had lunch at Ida Davidsen which is a landmark eatery serving classic Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches (and the lady herself was behind the counter), and then I walked to the Christianshavn neighborhood and found Noma and took a picture of the entrance. A three-hundred dollar gastronomic adventure would not have been appropriate on this trip ( but I still wanted to see the place and snap a pic. It’s located in a fairly non-descript building in a formerly industrial canal-side area, which appears to be experiencing some revitalization (lots of building sites), I’m guessing in some part due to the notoriety of the restaurant. It was a pleasant walk and downright warm out, and with my picture of Noma and my lunch at Ida Davidson, I had checked off almost all of the things I’d wanted to do in Denmark.

my lunch; with a soda, this ran me about $50
fairly unassuming for one of the world's best restaurants
I took the Metro from Christianshavn to the S Train and ended up back home just after Chuck, Susan, and the kids, and Ellen showed up a few minutes later having spent the day bird-watching with Laila and Bo. We went down to the beach for a little while as it was another beautiful evening and then had leftover stegte flæske for dinner (our third round of leftovers; seriously, we were given Viking-sized portions) and then I started packing to leave the next day.

I had a great time in Denmark. It was an interesting adjustment traveling with others as opposed to by myself which has become the norm, but coming to Denmark with Ellen, in part to meet her relatives was a trip a long time in the making. I’d known Ellen’s Danish mother who passed away a few years ago since I was a teenager, and had eaten many Danish delicacies around her table and experienced many Danish traditions in her home, and I know she would have been so pleased that I finally made it to Denmark with her daughter.