Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Today we went into Copenhagen and Ellen gave us a tour of family landmarks (her favorite aunt's former apartment, the primary school her mother attended, the family plot at the cemetery, and other places from her childhood), as well as more obvious points of interest (the queen’s residence, the famous port neighborhood, beautiful parks). I had been to Copenhagen once before and remembered it fondly but didn't quite recall the booming metropolis it has become. And all those bikes... everywhere, ridden by everyone ("bike clothing" rarely seen [people are in their work clothes], helmets are non-existent except on very young kids who aren't seen much on the city streets anyway; city riding is about transport not leisure). I love walking around cities, but being on foot seemed uncool and inconvenient in this realm; we had a really nice day of city sightseeing, but it was a beautiful sunny day and we were all wishing we could join the crowds on two wheels.

lots of old courtyards...
...and new buildings

modern architecture
the new opera house
needs no explanation


the queen's palace