Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Being three hours ahead of Pacific time is awesome. It means you get up early even though it's "late" back home. We made breakfast (full kitchen in our swanky room) and were out by 8:15 and on our way to what ended up being a 6+ mile walk around Diamondhead. Our walk started along Waikiki, past the banyan tree, along the beach, views of the mountain, up the highway, through the neighborhoods with their flowering gardens, and back down to the beach.

We stopped near the end for some iced coffee and a snack, watched some beach volleyball while we ate, and then went back to the hotel for some relaxing by the hotel pool. Unfortunately, the pool was crawling with little kids (there were probably 4 but it seemed like 40). It had also started to rain lightly but there were lovely little furnished, covered cabana areas on the pool deck and we stretched out on a long couch and read for a while before the immense need to nap took over. We finally got up when the rain started dripping through the canvas cover into the cabana, and decided to conclude the nap in our room. The evening was spent eating bad (but perfectly delicious) happy-hour-tourist food, doing a little shopping (Gary didn't own any flip-flops. Who comes to Hawaii without flip-flops??) and then had another early night.