Wednesday, May 14, 2014

North Shore

On Monday we hit the highway and drove around the island - or at least as far as one can drive around the island. North out of Honolulu through kind of wet and blustery weather, to the North Shore, past Sunset Beach where the sun was shining, and to Waimea Valley. Full disclosure: I don't admit this lightly, but before we got to Waimea Valley, we stopped for some "loco moco" at a little hole-in-the-wall joint in a small strip mall. What, you might ask... is...?? You probably don't want to know but I will tell you - in this case, it was rice, scrambled eggs, and a grilled hamburger steak covered in greasy, thick, brown, horrifyingly delicious gravy. Sometimes loco moco has everything from Spam to bacon to macaroni salad so ours was a relatively simple version and we could not stop eating from the giant trough we ordered.
Don't judge me.
Once we'd slurped up all the gravy we could handle, we made our way to the botanical gardens at Waimea Valley and on to the falls at the end of the path; the water was unfortunately quite muddy with all the recent rain, but it was a pleasant walk anyway.