Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Hike with a View

Sunday morning we got up, got some coffee, and after heading about an hour out of our way in the wrong direction (thanks, google maps!), we made it to the Mt. Washington ski resort. The plan was to have lunch then ride the lift up and hike around the top. This was the same place Jenine and I had come to in 2011 for our downhill mountain biking adventure, something which the resort no longer offers (too many broken bones). Gary and I had more leisurely pursuits in mind and we spent a couple of hours walking around the top of the hill, pointing out the obvious ("this looks nothing like Alabama"), letting birds eat out of our hands (well, his hand; I suggested that the birds while friendly, might be riddled with diseases), and generally enjoying the sunshine and views.

click photo for full panorama.
We got back to the hotel in time for our massages at the spa, and then went to dinner at the Blackfin Pub where we had a nice view of the Comox marina and some mighty fine fish and chips. I had to do some gentle convincing regarding the dessert I wanted - it was a mud pie which included pecans in the cookie crust (he's not a fan, despite living in the South) and hazelnut ice cream (he just wasn't sure about hazelnuts...) but I just knew he'd like it and he was willing to give it a shot. I forgot to take a picture when it arrived, but I think the one I got speaks to how it was received. 
view - click photo for full panorama.