Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A bit of Italy in British Columbia

We headed home on Monday and were nervous about getting  the ferry back to the mainland since we didn't have a reservation and the reserved vehicle slots were sold out. We decided to shoot for the 3:15 boat by getting to the dock two hours early so we left the hotel around 10 and headed for the Coombs Country Market (which I had also visited on my last trip). We did a quick stroll around the market and as the cafe inside didn't have anything we wanted, we headed out to see if any of the other buildings on the market grounds were restaurants. That's how we ended up at Cuckoo in Coombs Trattoria. I will say that of all the names to give a restaurant, all the words one could combine with the location (Coombs, B.C.) and the type of restaurant (trattoria), "cuckoo" is not one I would choose, but that's just me, and the place was lovely. The restaurant had just opened for lunch minutes before we got there so the dining room was largely empty, but the hostess, perhaps simply because she knew best, didn't even ask if we'd like to sit outside, she just led us out to a lovely al fesco dining area, up a few steps to a small, raised patio within that area, and gave us what we considered to be the nicest table in the place. We ordered a spinach salad and a salmon pizza, had a nice lunch, and headed for the dock. We got there exactly two hours early (with plenty of reading material in the car) and had no trouble getting home, stopping along the way at the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive for halibut soup and fried oysters, and even more awesome views of the Pacific Northwest.
from the Oyster Bar