Thursday, August 18, 2016


would have missed this cute little town if I had taken
the main road
Yesterday I drove 112 miles which took about 4 hours. That's right, that's how windy the roads are. It was a beautiful drive though and for the most part, each side of the road actually had a designated lane, so, bonus. I was planning on taking the main road but Matt (having heard all my laments about driving) gently talked me out of it and outlined a much more scenic route that included a small car ferry and some coastal towns. It was actually a very pleasant day of driving and I arrived at my next stop, Con and Angela's place in Dingle, relatively unscathed and with no new scratches on the car - oh, and I spent 20 minutes today rubbing out the previous scratches, which seems to have worked. If the car rental agency doesn't noticed the slightly cracked passenger side mirror, from when I clanked it hard against the mirror of a parked car, I'll be golden. How that mirror clanking doesn't happen every five minutes, I do not know.
Con and Angela's house on the outskirts of town
hills around Dingle 
Dingle town
turns out Henry Clark, whose stained glass I liked at the gallery in Dublin,
was commission to do windows for a convent in Dingle, in 1922.
former convent of the Sisters of Presentation founded in Ireland by Nano Nagle (1718-1784)
Mural of Nano Nagle painted in 2009; she was living the life in Paris when she
decided to return to Ireland to educate poor children
After walking through the town and visiting the convent, I took this gorgeous walk 
and then I went here for a half pint of Thomas Crean's lager, named for an Irish Antarctic explorer, part of Robert Scott's expedition in 1912
then to the pub for fish and chips, and called it a day.