Friday, August 19, 2016


along the road between Dingle and Kenmare
I'm getting used to the driving, I think. This morning I left Dingle and drove to Kenmare. Con helped me map out the best way - again, I was going to take the main roads but he suggested the secondary roads, two actual lanes, twisty/windy, but he said I could do it, and he was right. The scenery was spectacular, and it wasn't even a big problem that it rained quite a bit of the way. The fact is that much of the time, I am the only car on these back roads. Sure, there is the occasional bus (which I've learned not to look at as they approach - keep eyes on the road in front, not on the bus to the side); sometimes there are a few cars behind me, and when that happens, I pull over at the first available spot and let them pass since I am going slower than most, and then I'm on my own again and it's just fine.
would have missed this on the main road
and this
I arrived at Pat and Eilish's place around 1:30, left the car, and walked into town. All these cute Irish towns are starting to look alike. There isn't much to do in Kenmare which is fine with me. I checked out a tiny lace-making center (apparently this town was known for needlepoint lace-making... something something nuns... something something Queen Victoria...), and then I walked to an ancient stone circle which is in a clearing a short walk from the town center. There were a bunch of stones. In a circle. It was a pleasant enough day, raining off and on, currently on, and I'm happy as a clam to be back at the bnb with no plans but to relax and read.
Pat and Elish's BnB
needlepoint lace
3,000 years old... ritual site? clock? calendar? anyone?