Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (Art Center)

Today, Jen and I took a train to the outskirts of town, walked for about 30 minutes, got only slightly lost, and ended up at our destination, the Henie Onstand Art Center. Little known fact: Sonja Henie, Norwegian Olympic figure skater of yesteryear and her husband Niels Onstad, a Norwegian shipping tycoon, were devoted collectors of modern art. In 1968, a year before Sonja Henie died, their collection became the centerpiece of the institution. We had a wonderful day at this place, there were only a few other visitors there, and we got to play with some totally wacky modern art.

Sometimes modern art involves putting on a harness and flying...

...then sliding down a tube at terminal velocity

"Two Roaming Beds" - from the Sanatorium exhibit.

The museum was founded by Norwegian figure skater, Sonja Henie and her husband Niels Onstad.