Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wish Upon a Michelin Star

First time in Norway, first time dining at Michelin starred restaurant. The event of the day was lunch at Tango, one of three Michelin starred restaurants in Stavanger; expectations were high, and we were not disappointed.

Steamed mussels in curry, grilled bread, lime, and coriander.
I ate the broth like it was soup. 

Lightly smoked mackerel cream with lettuce, cress, deep fried bread crumbs, and horseradish.
Fishy, creamy goodness - this was spectacular. 

Spareribs "sweet n sour" with spicy mayo.
Mmmmm... mayo. 

Lemon cream with strawberries, cream, nuts, and chervil.
This was exceptional. Sweet lemon cream topped with the deepest red strawberries and lightly whipped cream. 
Walking around Stavanger after lunch... 

I picked Stanvanger for our destination from Oslo simply because it was a good spot on the map between Oslo and Bergen, but we love it here.